Flyers Sam Morin Expected To Play In AHL Next Year

Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Sam Morin has had a rough go in his NHL career. Tearing his ACL for a second time this season, Morin’s NHL hopes are at a crossroads.

After tearing his ACL in the 2018 Calder Cup playoffs, Morin worked his way all the way back to the Flyers. But, on a rehab stint in the AHL this year, Morin tore his ACL once again.

But, Sam Morin is not giving up. Morin is continuing his push to make the NHL full-time & be a contributor to the Flyers. A push that will start in the AHL next season according to Flyers head coach Sam Morin.

“In Sam’s case, he’s coming back from a second serious knee injury. He’s been working out and doing his rehab. I think Sam hasn’t played a lot of hockey in the last three years, so he’s going to have to find a way to play some hockey. That’s probably not going to be with the Flyers. He’s probably going to have to go in the American League and get 50, 60 games staying healthy under his belt. He hasn’t played any hockey. I’ve barely seen him this year and he didn’t play the year before. He’s got to get a chance to play. He’s a great kid, but he’s got to get a chance to play.” – Alain Vigneault

While no one more than Morin himself wants to jump right back into the NHL, a stint in the AHL may be what is best for his career. A stint that will have a big effect on the Flyers defense depth.

With Alain Vigneault’s comments, it seems Morin is not in the plans for the Flyers next season. So, get ready Lehigh Valley. You will get to see a lot of the Jolly Green Giant Sam Morin next season.

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