BREAKING: Flyers & Islanders Game3 To Be Boycotted To Show Support For The Fight For Equality

With NBA, MLB, & MLS cancelling games last night, the NHL proceeded on with games. A decision that had many fans, analysts, & players angered.

After missing the ball last night, the NHL has finally followed suit to support the fight for equality in the United States. A decision that was made by the players.

The NHL was requested to make a stand. A stand that was made by the players through the Hockey Diversity Alliance. An organization the NHL made to help fight social injustice.

Actions speak louder than words. Actions that were passed up last night for words once again.

There is more important things than sports. Sports isn’t everything. Sports is a blessing. The platform that professional athletes have is so powerful & influential that it sends a direct message. A message that is long overdue. A message of change.

This message, over the past 48-hours, has been sent by all professional athletes. Of all backgrounds. Of all nationalities. Of all color. Of all race.

Moments like this are remembered. Moments like this are impactful. Moments like this make a difference.

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