Philadelphia Flyers Social Media Team Takes Everything To Another Level


When the Philadelphia Flyers introduced Gritty, a change happened in Philadelphia. A change that has resulted in the Flyers social media team always keeping you on your toes.

After the creation of Gritty, the Flyers invested in the world of entertainment. A world that has proven to be a very beneficial one for the Flyers. But, it came as a result of the NHLs 31st team, Vegas Golden Knights.

In their first season, the Golden Knights were the talk of the NHL. After coming together on the ice, advancing all the way to the Stanley Cup, their performance off the ice was just as good.

The Golden Knights social media team was if not as good, but possibly better than the team on the ice. Always keeping the spirits high no matter what the score was with a unique blend of snark, pop culture references.

After their first season, many teams saw this as an opportunity to attract more attention to their teams as well. The Flyers were one of them & it all started with Gritty.

The creation of Gritty has taken the Flyers social media team to another level. Whether it’s been the countless gifs or the national media attention, Gritty has brought that to the Flyers.

With attracting all this attention, the Flyers needed to make an investment. An investment in media to capitalize on this attention. Which, if you have been following the Flyers social media accounts, was definitely made.

Over the past two seasons, the Flyers have followed suit with that same mentality the Vegas Golden Knights used to draw so much attention off the ice. Whether is be jokes directed at other teams or exposing old tweets from fans, the Flyers twitter account has done it all.

But, what they just did with Gritty has taken it to a whole new level.

With the NHL playoffs in a bubble, a lot of things are different. The main one being a restricted amount of people allowed. This restriction has kept fans & the Flyers loved mascot out of the bubble.

However, that was just an another opportunity for the Flyers social media team to capitalize on.

Today, Gritty posted a video on his twitter account. The video was of the Flyers mascot skipping rocks on what he labeled “the Niagara River”.

This led Flyers fans to raise the question, Is Gritty on his way to Toronto? Will Gritty be entering the bubble? Which allowed the Flyers social media team to take it a step farther.

In a response, Gritty made it known there was no “wooderfalls” in the picture. First poking fun at the water vs wooder Philadelphia meme & secondly possibly signaling he was on the northern side of the river in Canada.

But, in typical entertaining fashion, the Flyers social media team was just out for a good laugh. A laugh that had Gritty in Toronto Ohio, not Toronto Canada.

Yes, the Flyers social media team packed up and drove across the state of Pennsylvania to film a joke. Taking their fun spirited account to a whole new level. A level that they will do anything to make a joke happen.

So, while it looked at first the Flyers mascot would be joining the team in Toronto to cheer them on. Now, has turned into just the Flyers social media team going to new heights just to make a joke possible.

Here is Gritty in Toronto Ohio…


Photo by Gritty via Twitter

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